Dr. Samantha Dockray is a lecturer in the School of Applied Psychology, University College Cork.  Her key interests relate to the application of psychobiological models of behaviour and emotions, including diatheses-stress frameworks to understand the development of externalising behaviours, health and positive wellbeing.  Samantha has a particular interest in the health and wellbeing of  people at periods of transition, such as adolescence and emerging adulthood, and during periods of stress.

Samantha completed a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a BSc. Biomedical Science Honours at Victoria University, Australia before completing her PhD in  Biobehavioral Health at The Pennsylvania State University.  Before joining UCC she was a Research Fellow in the Psychobiology Research Group at University College London.  Samantha has also held academic positions at the School of Psychology, City University London, and the School of Biomedical Science, Victoria University, Australia.

For a complete list of Samantha’s publications and overview of her professional activities, please click here.