Lisa has an undergraduate degree in Applied Psychology from University College Cork, and is currently undertaking a PhD in Applied Psychology at UCC. Lisa’s PhD research, supervised by Dr Samantha Dockray, is based predominantly on the area of applied health psychology. Lisa is particularly interested in the association between time perspective (i.e. considerations of past, present and/or future events) and decision making with regards to health risk and health protective behaviours, such as exercising and smoking. The research focuses on the development of a health specific psychometric measure of time perspective and examines how decisions which effect short and long term physical health can be influenced by the construct. The research is largely internet based, wherein individuals are asked to complete online surveys and to participate in an online intervention procedure. The findings contribute to a more informed psychological understanding of health risk behaviours and decision making processes.

Lisa works as a demonstrator/tutor for second year undergraduate students in Applied Psychology for two taught modules: Advanced Research Methods in Psychology and Experimental Design and Statistical Application.

Lisa’s research is supported by an Irish Research Council Postgradaute Scholarship.