This research project seeks to describe how the changes in the body that happen at puberty might be associated with thoughts and feelings.  The study asks teens to complete an anonymous and short (<10 minute survey) that asks how much their body has changed and grown as well as questions about their moods and emotions.

Teens will need to have their parents permission before they can participate.

Parents can provide consent by reading the information sheet and confirming consent in the linked page.  Once this consent is given, the parent is provided with the secure link to the survey to give to the teen who can then decide if they want to participate, and complete the survey.


HaBiTs Study 

Adolescent health has several dimensions, including physical health and psychosocial development. The HaBiTs Study aims to examine how changes in physical health, for example, heightened inflammation in the body, may be related to adolescent behaviour and patterns of thinking.

The project is currently in recruitment stage, and will work with 50 teenagers. Each teenager will complete standard measures of behaviour, thoughts and feelings, as well as saliva samples used to determine the level of inflammation in the body.  If you are interested in participating in this study, please contact s.dockray@ucc.ie

> Bips Body and Emotions Project <

The project will be conducted by Isabella Muscolino under the supervision of Dr. Samantha Dockray and will examine how pubertal changes, mediated by hormones, in combination with processes of psychosocial development, emotion regulation and experience, influence body dissatisfaction and individual’s behaviour. The study will use a cross-sequential design following 90 children and adolescents aged 11 to 13. The study adopts a mixed methods approach, and interviews with the adolescent-parent dyad will be completed in addition to standard psychometric measures. The project will draw upon the diatheses stress model of adolescent vulnerability to examine the biospychosocial dimensions of body dissatisfaction in adolescence.

> The CLASS Study <

The CLASS Study (Changing Lives: Adolescent Stress and Sleep) is a longitudinal study is examining the associations between sleep patterns and stress and how these influence health and wellbeing in adolescence.  Participants, aged 12-25, completed measures of stress, wellbeing and sleep three times over a twelve month period, and biological data includes inflammatory markers, and salivary cortisol. Data collection for the project was recently completed.  The study was conducted by Siobhán O’Neill and Dr. Samantha Dockray.

> Heart Rate Variability Study<

The Heart Rate Variability Study comprised of three separate studies, maps patterns of stress reactivity both in the laboratory and in ecological settings, to gain a better understanding of how we can apply psychobiological science and measures in everyday lives. The study was conducted by Owen Jump and Dr. Samantha Dockray.